Together, we’re writing 10 million letters to voters in 2024.

Sending personal, handwritten letters to potential voters in key states is an effective way to increase election turnout—and Vote Forward makes it easy. It only takes a couple of minutes and a stamp to meaningfully increase the odds that a fellow citizen will vote.

2024 letter writing campaigns are live, and even more will be added throughout the year. Start preparing your letters now, and keep them in a safe place until it’s time to put them in the mail! (Don’t worry, our team will share plenty of reminders to send those letters to voters.)

Folks sending their letters with Vote Forward
Letters so far in 2024:

Remember: Each letter writing campaign has its own mail date or window, so store your letters somewhere safe until it's time to send them.

Getting started is easy! All you need is:

Printer & paper

Postage stamps

#10 envelopes

A pen

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