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Vote Forward is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization working to increase civic participation by making it as easy as possible for grassroots volunteers to encourage their fellow citizens in underrepresented communities to vote. We build tools to facilitate contact between Americans about civic matters, and run large-scale programs that we've proven to be highly effective at increasing voter turnout.

We do this work because democracy doesn’t maintain itself. It requires active participation from all of us. As we face growing threats to basic democratic norms, we must mobilize participation that is broader, deeper, and more sustained.

In numerous randomized trials since 2017, we've demonstrated dramatic statistically significant increases in voter turnout, reaching as high as 4.2 percentage points vs. a control group. These are huge effects. Hundreds of thousands of Vote Forward volunteers have sent more than 23.4 million letters to unlikely voters so far. And now we're planning even bigger and more ambitious programs for the years ahead.

Your support helps keep the operation running, so we can provide this platform to our volunteers. THANK YOU!

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible contribution of more than $10,000 to fund our 501(c)(3) programs, please contact Samantha Hall, Development Director, at [email protected].

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